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Abrasive #1 1/2 Surface Grinder info needed
Folks, Anyone have info on the #1 1/2 Abrasive surface grinder. It was made by Abrasive Machine Tool Company and the company appears to disappeared many moons ago. I just purchased the grinder via...
18 years ago 2
Harrison lathe parts sources?
A friend has a quite large Harrison, with probable need for either / or cross slide screw / nut. Anyone know of parts sources? thanks in advance / mark on Salt Spring Island BC 600 Group is the...
18 years ago 2
Turbo chargers and intercoolers-Pete?
Greetings, I know this kid who has a subaru legacy with a turbo. He says it is a rare care in the USA. He ordered a used intercooler that came from either Eurpoe or Australia. Since there was never an...
18 years ago 8
how much will this beam hold?
There is a beam in the ceiling of my garage to support the bathroom above it. This beam is composed of three 2x12 laminated beams and two 2x12 boards and spans about 20 feet. This bathroom has a...
18 years ago 1
1992 Ford Tempo Help Needed
This might be slightly off topic but metalworking involved. My sons 1992 Ford Tempo needs the harmonic balancer/crankshaft pulley removed. From everything I have heard it looks like either the motor...
18 years ago 9
Using can cycle to rough out a arc
Hello: I have a cnc lathe with fanuc 5t controls. I have a 4 inch thick 22 inch round part mounted on a face plate. I would like to put a 1 arc .5 deep in the part. I am using a neutral tool that is...
18 years ago 1
3 phase 240VAC to 120 VAC single phase?
Ok, I've got the opposite problem that most of the people here have with regards to AC power. I've got a 400 amp 3 phase service in the back half of the building I moved into a few months ago. I'm...
18 years ago 13
High-quality charcoal for hardening?
Old book recommends bone charcoal for casehardening... after asking around, I learned this is because of its consistency, much less fluffy than most wood charcoals. Didn't harden my steel, but I WAS...
18 years ago 2
OT: ? for the Seattle area crowd
Hey guys, the wife's neurologist has told us that we need to move out of the north Texas area to somewhere that is both cooler and has much cleaner air. I'm first trying to stay in areas that my...
18 years ago 3
Enco 7X12 Bandsaw Question ( repost)
( My apologies if you recieved this message twice--AOL is really buggered up lately-RJJ ) repost: Hi All I recently purchased an Enco 7X12 Horizontal/Vertical bandsaw at an industrial auction. It...
18 years ago 2
OT Overheating problem?
car is a 1990 Nissan 240SX. Radiator has been flushed and is clean, new coolant. Head gasket etc is ok. The temp gage stays in the middle of the gage 99.9% of the time, car does not have A/C. Coolant...
18 years ago 7
Suggestions? Weedwacker motor
I have a nearly-new Homelite trimmer. So far it's broken 2 flexshafts @ $20 each. Only gave $50 for the trimmer!. So I've bought another trimmer. What to do with the Homelite power head? Suggestions...
18 years ago 11
Linear Thermal Expansion
How do I calculate an amount of thermal expansion for a given shape if you have Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion (7.2x105 in my case) Thanks, Alex Sorry, wrong coefficient. It is 1.1E-04 Isn't...
18 years ago 10
Pictures of one of my projects
One of the houses I worked on in the last few years is featured in this article I did all the railings inside and out, the awning over the main door, the planters and the master bedroom fireplace. I...
18 years ago 20
rfq: reel to reel etching capability
I am looking for a US company that has reel-to-reel etching capability for very high volume production. The part is actually a clad material comprised of stainless steel and copper. The stainless...
18 years ago