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Inventorbot Challenge #3 Problem
As brand new Mindstorm users, we are trying to solve challenge #3 for the Inventorbot with our new Mindstorm set. This is the challenge to throw an object. As configured, the speed of the engine is...
Error (0xe0050401) from VPBrick driver: invalid hBrick
Hello, can somebody help me ? I've just installed RIS 2.0 and when I try to set "Lego Tower USB" parameters, I see in shooter.txt : "RIS 2.0 Diagnostic Trouble Shooter Date: 06/02/2006 Time: 20:34:46...
NQC vs Mindscript
I'm an experienced programmer who is new to mindstorms. NQC is great, but you don't hear much about MindScript. Having looked at both NQC and MindScript (downloaded as part of the mindstorms SDK at I...
Smaller than a penny 9V Lego Micro Motor - ideal for small tabletop mobile robots, robotic tribes,
It is posted at my site, along with other Lego motors: Standard 9V Built-in GearDown - Powerful 9V 9V Clear Cube The above mentioned 9V Micro Motor 4.5V Older Model Motors and Battery packs 9V TRAIN...
USB Tower won't communicate with RCX
I'm running Windows XP on a laptop, have installed Lego Mindstorms 2.0 and Bricx Command Centre , connected the USB tower, but both programs complain about not being able to see the RCX. I've tried...
SURPRISE MINDSTORMS(tm) PART BAGS - 256 Mindstorms(tm) pieces avg each!
Hi, Just added it to the inventory ...while supplies last! Also the smallest and coolest Lego electric 9V motor ever - one penny HIDES IT ALL! Perfect for table-top mobile robots or maybe flying...
New mindstorms set?
I received email today about the new Mindstorms set. Does anybody out here know more about it than what is on Lego's web site, which is very little? Thanks.
Lego mindstorms - programs
Hello I have a problem, I have a lego Mindstorms in version 2.0, but I haven't a CD-Rom with programs to this lego. Where can I download program in version 2.0? May, anyone can send to me this program...
NXT compatible with RCX?
My child has saved his allowance to buy a Mindstorm set, but now we see that there is a new version on the way. Does anyone here know if the old stuff will be able to work with the new stuff? Seems...
Looking for Mindstorms 2.0 Robotic Arm Instructions
Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone has the instructions for the robotic arm for the 2.0 set. It is on the cd that came with the set. I have the 1.5 set so I don't have the new stuff and I'd...
InventorBot with a moving head
I recall coming across a web site describing how to modify the InventorBot so that the head will turn (left and right - rather then 360 degree). It was down by adding some pieces so that the same...
New Version of MindStorms: NXT
I want one. Now.
Missing Mindstorms CD
Hi, I've recently acquired a Lego Mindstorms Robotics Invention System v1.5, but unfortunately it came without the CD. I've not had much luck with 'official channels' (Lego etc) so I was wondering if...
FREE LEGO® Race Event in Minneapolis Saturday 12/17
FREE LEGO® Race Event in Minneapolis Saturday 12/17 We are hosting a LEGO® Race Event where kids get to make PULL BACK MOTOR LEGO® Race Cars and Race them! It is 100% FREE and being held at the...
In Stock: Lego Mindstorms, Vision Command, Spybotics
We have In Stock: Lego Mindstorms, Vision Command, Spybotics.