5c as a Push collet?

I picked up a Schaublin 120 second-op lathe yesterday, bought off ebay with the intention of robbing the capstan assembly to adapt to one of my centre lathes as the Ward 2A is going so as to make a bit of space. Having got the machine home, it's very tempting to try to shoe-horn the whole machine in as it's smaller than the Ward. Snag is, it uses B&S No.22 collets, which are a push collet like the Ward's but smaller, and don't seem to come up all that often on the used market. There's room to fit an adapter for 5C collets, of which I have quite a few and are readily available. I could make up a drawbar but it would be much easier and more elegant to retain the existing lever mechanism and use them as push collets. Any views on the chances of this working? Or would the force needed be too great? Alternatively, any pointers to a source of (cheap ) B&S 22 or 2G collets? Or offers for a Schaublin 120 (NOT a 102) with cabinet & 2-speed motor but no tailstock, capstan or cross-slide?

Cheers Tim

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