IP44 50volt socket needed

I've got a toolpost grinder with a 50volt AC IP44 plug, serial numebr
LN9021, and therefore need a matching panel mounting socket for the
new power supply. The plug is an MK job but I can't find the matching
socket in the usual places (RS, Farnell). In all truth it might be
listed there but they don't have the most intuitive search mechanisms!
Any suggestions where to find one?
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Charles Ping
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Charles, not too sure what you are after.If it`s the usual type industrial plug/ socket like the MK Commando range,a Google for BS4343 should turn up the suppliers. 50 volts should be coloured white so you may have to change your plug.Stuff like this is quite cheap anyway. Mark.
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Thanks - It is indeed white
This is the one:
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Price, foronce, isn't the issue. Not being able to get to a wholesaler during the week means that I need a mail order supplier
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Charles P
Well one solution is to buy a matching plug & socket.
Regards, Tony
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Tony Jeffree
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The interface is standard, Legrand also used to do them, and we have the 24V Purple range plug and sockets at the factory.
Peter -- Peter & Rita Forbes Email: snipped-for-privacy@easynet.co.uk
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Peter A Forbes

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