Letter to Mr Bean et al

Dear Mr. Bean,
Having read many of your contributions to this group I can see that you
are a man of intelligence, nay, a man of superior intelligence as you
describe yourself as such.
However, the rest of us are mere mortals and as such we metal bashers,
swarf producers, blacksmiths. foundry men, tool makers, pattern makers,
mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, civil engineers, machinery
traders and others who inhabit this group are unable to understand or
fully appreciate the contributions you make.
May I suggest that your talents are being wasted here and that your
obvious talent would be appreciated if you moved to a group where
intellect is recognised rather than scorned.
Donald. South Uist
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A. N. Other
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Grow up, OM.
As you indicate, this is a group for metal workers. it really has no other function, certainly not the dragging down of the group to the level of the school playground as a group of cynical traders would do.
I have consistently made valid contributions and only otherwise posted in defence.
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Superior Intellect
Garath Evans, the only person who thinks you have made a valid contribution to anything is yourself. May I suggest that you get a life?
Steve H
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steve H
Deep in the forest in the dark of night on Monday 3 November 2003 1:34 pm, with a cackle and an evil grin, steve H cast another eye of newt into the brew and chanted:
He tried, but nobody would sell him one. They all said it seemed a waste...
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