=== Unable to find the specified "Oilite" bushes locally for the Bremen Walking Beam Stirling engine I am building, I am looking at machining some from Vesconite rod, see

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Bushes are specified for the main crankshaft and the displacer rod. These will be very light-duty applications.

The Perth agent quotes about $14 Australian for 250 mm length of 16mm rod, sounds very reasonable to me. It comes in 1m lengths, but they will supply cut lengths.

This web page includes a nice Design-a-Bearing Calculator. Anyone had experience with Vesconite, particularly its self-lubricating properties?

Jack ===

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I've used it from time to time, but mainly for underwater bearings where it's not strictly self-lubricating. I have no complaints, and had very good service direct from the makers in South Africa.


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