plastic pipe extrusion process

hi, i need some technical documentations and animations about plasic pipe extrusion process for my thesis. i will be very pleasure if anyone send me a link related or written text via e-mail.

have a nice day.


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Suleyman Deveci
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And I always thought it customary that the person wanting a degree writes the thesis himself.


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Oliver 'Ojo' Bedford

hi! hey buddy, use your library. i think you would get more help if you would sit in the library. I think there are quite a few papers and books written on pvc pipes. Along with it visit the local pipe industry in your city. Go and have a look for "handbook of PVC" written by some italian guy, in 1980s. i think it has lots of stuff on the compounding of PVC related to pvc pipes. Becuase i think you might know that pvc needs some addins before it is processed. And search for things like "PVC compounding" over google you might get a lot of stuff from there. Any way are u working on specific type of PVC pipe or just the general stuff. let me know what are you working on and i just might help you. And PVC is that a relevant thing to work on these days, when people are doing a lot of stuff on carbon filled plastics, nano tubes, liquid crystals. well still. BEST OF LUCK.

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