Motion Skeleton in WF3

This tantalizing new feature is mentioned on the PTC website under
"what's new". I can't find any information on how it's used either at
the site or within WF3. Anyone know how it works or can send me to the
right place to learn more?
You can create mechanism bodies and connections as a motion skeleton,
then run a simple kinematic analysis to ensure that the skeleton
provides the appropriate degrees of freedom. You can then create and
assemble components to the motion skeleton. Motion skeletons are
defined in the same way as normal assembly skeletons and include
reference control settings. They do not appear in the assembly bill of
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Thank you Jeff, "Suggested Technique for Using Mechanism with Top Down Design." explains it perfectly.
I was wondering if you or anyone knows what is different with WF3 from WF2 using this technique. At first glance it appears you could do this with WF2.
Jeff Howard wrote:
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