ProE under Virtual PC (Mac)

Quick question.

Has anyone used or tried ProE under Virtual PC on Macs (OS X, current G4 machines)?

I know it would be slowish, but is it workable?



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Wow! you got a real flatline for an answer on this one. I'd take that as a No! Did you try it? it would seem like it should work OK.

Too bad we can't convince PTC to port right over to the Mac itself. Does that say the market for engineering software on Linux is bigger than a Mac? Anyone have a statistic there?


Whytoi wrote:

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Linux is now like, the new God of MarketBabblers. I'd definitely consider a Mac if Pro/E ran on it.

i see where PTC has backed off on the Itanic ? That was interesting .....

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Yep - this question died quickly.

I am 99% sure that it will work, and 200% sure it will be *dog* slow. The whole Virtual PC stuff on Mac *was* a standalone company, until Microsoft purchased them last year. So with the competitive issues between Apple and Microsoft, and Microsoft purchasing a company that was the leading Virtual PC maker for runing Microsoft OS on a Mac, I would lean towards the side of - don't bother with it at all. I suspect that support, additional features/functionality will be limited if at all in the future for the interface.

I was really excited when PTC announced their support for Linux, then I was disapointed as hell when OSX came out and PTC was no where to be found (at least on Pro/E). OSX appears to be supperior in every way to Linux when it comes to a functional box for handing Office work, engineering and network integration - but no PTC -yet-.

Hope this gives you something to think about.


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Dave Bigelow

Yeah - unless you are so incredibly space limited that you can't fit a PC into your life, you might as well duplicate the hardware. What does Virtual PC cost? Wouldn't some of the newer Mac's make up for the speed loss? Maybe not. Anyway, for not too much money you can buy (or build) a PC that is NOT slow.

You hinted at it... PTC IS on the Mac platform for the product they think they've got market for there. If someone could make an honest case for Pro/E, they might bite... the port can't be that tough can it? What ARE the CAD options on the Mac? How about Linux?

By the way PTC wasn't first with analysis software to Linux. MSC had some of their tools ported over there previously I do believe.


Dave Bigelow wrote:

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