Publishing to Web w/o Windchill

What's the simplest way to publish models and drawings to the web from
ProE? I'm looking for good quality graphics and the simplest way
possible if the two can go hand in hand.
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You can save parts, drawings and assemblies as TIF-Files und convert them to JPG or GIF.
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Johannes Pietsch
that´s for drawings or views of models only! The easiest way once was VRML export, but none of the "modern" browsers come with a VRML plugin. Anything you want - streaming media, flash, whatever - but no 3D like cosmoplayer, cortona... VRML, once promising, is an endangered species nowadays.
Or have I missed something?
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If you want optimal display quality on any size/resolution screen, and the ability for the user to zoom and pan the drawing, then you should try to keep them in a vector graphics format (rather than rasterizing them to a GIF or JPEG bitmap).
Examples of Web vector formats and their leading browser plug-ins are XML-standard SVG (Adobe SVG Viewer), CGM (Corel ActiveCGM) and SWF (Macromedia Flash).
One route to get your drawings into these file formats is via Pro-ENGINEER's EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) output, which our commercial ps2vector can batch convert to SVG, CGM etc. If interested, you're welcome to send me a sample PS/EPS/PDF file for testing.
Jeroen Dekker -- Square One - The Graphics Connection Visit
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Jeroen Dekker
p-Export is a batch export utility you can run from within Pro/E for exporting to various formats (including PDF).
It is located at
formatting link
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Dave Bigelow

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