Annual Request for a Date

Yes, folks, once again I have to ask for a Date or multiple Dates. I know,
and fully expect the rash of humorous replies, but this is the best way to
go about this.
I need dates for Rocket Events in the 2004 timeframe. Memorable Dates in
Model Rocketry history. Memorable Dates in all Rocket History. These will
be recorded on the 2004 EMRR Calendar.
Speaking of which, we are in the final days, so get your orders in!
What I don't have is NARCON nor LDRS for 2004.
Here are the dates I have already:
1/27/2004 1967: Apollo 1 fire
1/28/2004 1986: Challenger disaster
1/31/2004 1958: Juno I (Jupiter C) launches Explorer I, first US satellite
2/11/2004 1970: Lambda-4S launches Oshumi, first Japanese satellite
2/20/2004 1962: John Glen is first American to Orbit Earth
2/21/2004 1969: First N1 Soviet Moon rocket flies, fails during first stage
3/14/2004 1931: Johannes Winkler launches first liquid-fueled rocket in
3/16/2004 1926: Goddard launches first liquid-fuelled rocket
3/16/2004 1966: First space docking, United States, Gemini 8
3/18/2004 1965: First spacewalk, Soviet Union, Voskhod 2
4/12/2004 1961: Yuri Gagarin becomes first human to orbit Earth
4/12/2004 1981: First shuttle flight
4/12/2004 1961: First human in space, Soviet Union, Gagarin, Vostok 1
4/24/2004 1970: Long March 1 launches China 1, first Chinese satellite
5/5/2004 1961: First American in space, United States, Shepard, Freedom 7
5/29/2004 5/31/2004 NAR - National Sport Launch - McGregor, TX
6/16/2004 1961: First woman in space, Soviet Union, Tereshkova, Vostok 6
7/16/2004 1969: First lunar landing, United States, Apollo 11
7/18/2004 1980: SLV-3 launches Rohini RS-1, first Indian satellite
7/20/2004 1969: Apollo 11 lands on the Moon
7/20/2004 1976: Viking 1 lands on Mars
7/24/2004 1959: Model rocket motor patent filed by Vern Estes
7/31/2004 8/6/2004 NAR - NARAM-46 - The Plains, Virginia
8/6/2004 1961: First daylong spaceflight, Soviet Union, Titov, Vostok 2
8/17/2004 1933: GIRD, led by Sergei Korolev, launches GIRD-09, the world's
first hybrid rocket
8/21/2004 1965: First 8-day space mission, United States, Gemini 5
9/14/2004 1964: Patent filed for 1st multi stage model rocket
10/3/2004 1942: Fourth A-4 (Later named V-2) launch attempt succeeds,
becoming the first rocket to fly into space
10/4/2004 1957: Sputnik becomes first artificial Earth satellite
10/10/2004 1967: General Assembly adopted the Outer Space Treaty of 1967
10/12/2004 1964: First multi-person spaceflight, Soviet Union, Voskhod 1
10/28/2004 1971: Black Arrow launches Prospero X-3, first british satellite
11/9/2004 1967: First Saturn V carries unmanned Apollo 4 into orbit
11/26/2004 1965: Diamant A launches Asterix, first French satellite
12/4/2004 1965: First two-week space mission, United States, Gemini 7
12/6/2004 1957: Vanguard TV-3 blows up on pad
12/15/2004 1965: First space rendezvous, United States, Gemini 6
12/21/2004 1968: First lunar-orbit flight, United States, Apollo 8
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10/15/2003 - China launches first manned mission, to become 3rd nation to put a human into space.
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Um, 02/01/2003... Columbia..
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2/14/04 Rocketfest 01 at MTA2, Cantil, CA
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Jerry Irvine
Oct 22, 2004 will be the 40th anniversary of Bob's first flight. Seems note worthy to me. ; )
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1988 Nov. 15: 06:00:02 Moscow Time: The Energia super booster carrying an unmanned Buran reusable shuttle blasted off from Baikonur. 206 minutes or two orbits later, the Buran automatically landed at the Yubileiniy airfield at Site 251 in Baikonur.
6-2-59 First X-15 flight by Scott Crossfield 8-22-63 X-15 attains 354,200 feet, an unofficial world record, the highest it ever flew officially 67.08 miles Pilot--Walker 10-3-67 X-15 Fastest speed ever....mach 7.60 4520 mph Pilot-Knight
Just watched 'The Right Stuff' for the 40th time, when did LBJ's 'minkey' go up? :-)
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Chuck Rudy
October 3, 1942 - First successful flight of an A-4 (V-2) rocket launched from Peenemunde, Germany. Was also the first liquid-fueled rocket to go supersonic and reach the upper atmoshere.
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Bill C1075
Hasn't it been long enough to get the official perofrmances for X-15?
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Jerry Irvine
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Jerry Irvine
How old are you? And you STILL can't get a date?????
David Erbas-White
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David Erbas-White
I believe it's a rider to the Warren Commission report. ;-)
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Chuck Rudy
This is a duplicate!
1963, not 1961.
Just 10 days before my first model rocket flight!
Bob Kaplow NAR # 18L TRA # "Impeach the TRA BoD" >>> To reply, remove the TRABoD!
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Bob Kaplow
George S. James publishes book: Model Rockets: Rocket building for modelers 12/13/1948
Book includes plans for "model rocket plane"
Orville H.Carlisle received patent for toy model rocket 7/1/1958 was originally applied for on 8/30/1954
Irv Wait ( of RDC ) receives patent for what becomes the Centuri Sure-Shot igniter 1/21/1969 filed for 10/18/65 ...
Larry (Lawrence) Brown receives patent for what becomes the Centuri Baffle 3/6/1973 filed for 7/21/71
Vernon D. Estes receives patent for the orginal nichrome resistence fuse igniter 3/31/1970 filed for 10/4/1965 (remember the nichrome igniters with the blue pyrogen?)
shockie B)
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