Art Applewhite

Thought I'd throw out a plug for Art. After building and flying the
MicroMax saucer he has for free download on his website, I decided to order
a couple of his bigger saucers. Communication was excellent, shipping was
very fast and the kits look sharp. Can't say enough about how nice it is to
deal with someone that good.
BTW, he has some new oddball rockets, the Qubit, Stealth, and Scimitar
available. Check them out at
formatting link

Just another satisfied customer.
Cogito ergo Bibo
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Art brought the Stealth and many more, including prototypes, to the San Antonio launch today. If you're ever in the San Antonio area when SARS / Alamo Rocketeers launches, you should stop by. We always get to be the test audience for Art's new creations.
Tim Reidy San Antonio Rocket Society
"TDKozan" wrote in news:vP9Sb.14$
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Tim Reidy
Art, if yer listening (i am sure you are) if you ever need to test rocket designs for sub-freezing tests, you know who to contact :)
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tater schuld

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