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I am trying to locate the nose art for the B-17 "She-Hasta", 100th BG, 351
Squadron. My Uncle was the Pilot and co-pilot for that B-17. It was shot
down and he was a POW. Made it out safely though. I am building a 1/144
scale B-17G for his son and would like to have the Nose Art be perfect. If
the decals are not in production...does anyone know of Nose Art that comes
close that can be manipulated in a paint program, that will work
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There are a couple of B&W photos that partially show the nose art here:
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There is also apparently a book titled "Missions of SHEHASTA", it might have more photos:
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Good luck, David Bono
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David Bono

I am not sure how old this message is but I have an original of a bomber with this noseart.
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Bill Ewald
It's 10 and a half years old.
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I'm just surprised this place is still here at all. I haven't posted here in about 10 years myself! But I'm still plugging along with 1/72 planes.
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