Converting Free Flight SR-71

Has anyone out there converted one of the freeflight Hobbylabs SR-71 to R/C?

Thoughts, advice?

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Mike Jerauld NAR 78750, L2 VP DART Blast From the..yadda yadda yadda.....etc. (Shut up already Mike)

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Mike, David Schaefer has flown his converted free flight model many times. Including a flight at LDRS last year.

I can't recall his E-mail address offhand (and I wouldn't post it here if I could) but he is the chairman of the NAR level 3 committee so there should be something on the NAR website if you want to contact him.

There are some photos and videos of a flight here:

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They are near the bottom of the page.

Notice that Dave put a couple of white stripes on the bottom to help him figure out which side was up during flight.

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