How do we attract new flyers?

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Generally speaking, jerry's a real lazy ass, but when it comes to being an asshole, there's nothing jerry works harder at being. So imho, You've got an uphill battle. But on the other hand, jerry's been a constant asshole for many, many years, fatigue may have set in, so someone who is fresh and "frosty" and with Your skills, it may be possible for an upset.
I generally root for the underdog. so I say, good luck and go for it!
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Dave Grayvis
Mark Simpson said something about him being able to beat people due to his experience. That coupled with natural talent - guess I don't have a chance. When I want to be an asshole, I'll just try to imagine I'm Jerry.
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Phil Stein
It's just another thing that teenagers are unable to do because of unnecessary restrictions.
My son at age 15 is just as capable of assisting people do their L1s as anyone around. He's not allowed to advertise like the "real people".
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Chris Lewis
According to RayDunakin :
Ah, but the group of people I hang around with, and the association I belong to _do_. It's _your_ "club" (TRA) that doesn't.
Perhaps. But how do they know without any hints?
It lets people know that they can at least ask.
And he doesn't get treated as a second class citizen by those who don't know.
Do something different in rocketry. Presumably the same as you do.
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Chris Lewis
Well, Ray, lets use my personal experience as an example. That $2.99 Estes Astron X-Ray kit that my Dad bought me way back in 1975 has resulted in a WHOLE lot of money coming into our hobby. Thousands of dollars spent at local hobby shops, catalog sales, internet sales, eBay sales, NAR dues, launch fees, local club dues, charitable contributions (I once bought every Cub Scout at one of our MSRS launches a Wizard kit and have given away rocket kits and starter sets to lots of local kids, neighbor's kids, friend's at work kids). I'll bet there are many, many rocketeers, most of us as a matter of fact, that got into the hobby because of someone elses kindness / generosity. You gotta gamble to win, baby, and that inexpensive kit and a glass of lemonade sound like a good bet to me. Pay forward! SPOON!
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P.K. Moore
The launches I've attended, people generally respect those who demonstrate knowledge and skill, regardless of age or cert level.
It's pretty easy -- just look at people's rockets, watch them fly, talk to them. When you're at a launch, do you just go around asking people's cert number?
I haven't seen anyone being treated that way at our launches.
But you've been arguing that a person _needs_ a cert level "merit badge" in order to have a real goal and to have your accomplishments recognized.
The point I've been trying to make is that you can have real goals and recognition of accomplishments without cert numbers. In and of themselves, certs really aren't much of an accomplishment anyway, since they only represent a minimal level of skill and knowledge.
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But in 1971 or even 1975, we did not have discounters.
retail hobby store or mail order retail was street price in 71-75.
today, street price on a pack of A8-3, B6-4, or C6-7 are 3.99.
so they are cheaper today.
todays' street price on an Bull pup, patriot or other rocket is $6.99-$8.29
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So you are saying in effect manufacturers are receiving NET half of what they used to (adjusted for inflaton). I can see that as a problem.
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Jerry Irvine
I don't recall paying retail even then.
Mario Perdue NAR #22012 Sr. L2 for email drop the planet
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"X-ray-Delta-One, this is Mission Control, two-one-five-six, transmission concluded."
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Mario Perdue
I just got a 6-pack of rockets for something like $9.99. We'll see if they're worth it when I get the shipment... I'll probably keep one for myself, and give the rest to friends' kids.
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I use SemRoc Tritons
Great old time instrucitons, that look up to date, and very pretty, and make real sense.
List price $2.50, what a DEAL !
I go though lots of these.
Art Upton
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we did here in toledo. nothing else other then the "hobby store", and the local gun store mostly.
yes, the local gun store is where most of us bought our first rocket in my neighborhood out side of toledo, ohio. on the way home from school no less. Sport Shop is what they called those back then. 1969 that was.
in 71 I was 11, and remember paying the price on the package mostly.
later that seemed to change, when we found the point place hobby store, heck they stocked CRM and enerjet even.
Seems as ones sphere of purchasing area expanded, we found lower prices.
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