LDRS 24 registration, volunteers, etc

Way back when we set the early registration cost, we made a mistake in that
we did not decide on or post what the rate would be going to after June
15th. Well, our negligence is your gain because we will not be raising the
fee. Thats right, you can still register for the early registration price!!
Same process applies, use the form on the website and send cheque. Or use
Paypal for payment.
I have heard that there are some people that were planning to register on
site. This is perfectly fine, but it would be greatly appreciated if you
could drop me an email so we know you are coming. That counts for people
that were planning on volunteering but not flying, please let me know as
well. This will help us track numbers so we can make sure that there are
enough facilities (portapotties, etc) on site.
Also, we have some holes to fill in the volunteer ranks for RSO, LCO, and
Pad Manager, (isn't that always the case) so if you have some spare time
that you could give us, we would be greatly appreciative. Go to
formatting link
and submit any times to our web guru.
Thanks!! Looking forward to seeing everyone there.
Please contact me if there are any questions.
Tim Rempel
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Tim Rempel
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