Newbie propelant questions.

I've been trying to find any information regarding the ATFE and production of AN (Ammonium Nitrate) propellant. Can someone give me a hand here, how is it currently regulated? Under certain circumstances AN propellant could be considered Class 1, though not without adding materials that would then qualify it as a double based propelant and excluding the material from Tripoli research.

Is the homeland security act affecting this propelant as well?

Would one need an ATFE permit (LEUP) to transport AN propelants? (Probably not without proof of BOE/AARR/DOT tests?)

Are the regulations the same for "candy" propellants?

You will have to excuse me; I haven't been to a launch in years. I'm trying to pick up an old hobbie to release some creative energy. I vaguely recall asking these questions before, but try as I can I can't remember if I ever got a strait answer. Is propellant development frowned upon? I think more than likely I lost interest when I was 18 because of the outlook toward an individual, me namely, developing anything of propellant nature. You must understand that I milled my first black powder when I was 14 years old, much to the dismay/fear/amazement of my father. Things of pyrotechnic nature have always been extremely interesting to me.

Congratulations for raising the money at

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I look forward to seeing the program on the Discovery channel, and my future involvement with TRA/NAR, and I hope ever so much that high powered rocketry can continue.

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I answered most of my questions here:

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Feal free to add anything :)

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ATF has ARBITRARY rules and ANCP is not regulated. APCP is but is exempted under 27 CFR 555.141-a-8, which would also cover ANCP and KPCP if they were arbitrarily regulated.

ATF does not use DOT regs at all for regulation so "Class 1" has no meaning to ATF. They do exempt specific UN numbers under 27 CFR

555.141-a-7, but as we all know NAR and TRA and their manufacturers, dealers, consumers are required by party line to not believe in 27 CFR 555.141-a-8 so I suspect they do not believe in 27 CFR 55.141-a-7 either.

I believe!

you want a link from

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to wickman's site.

No. DOT has ruled that people (consumers) can transport propellants and motors without placarding.

None there either. Federally.

Needlepoint is under less overt attack right now.

The following agencies and associations are under full frontal attack of rockets right now:

BATFE DOT NAR TRA Dept Homeland Security

So watch out. The people covering your ass are not even in the center of the traditional rocket political machine.

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