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I was wondering if anybody here has any sort of contact info for the people
who used to run Aardvark Rocketry (Blackhawk R&D). I know they have been a
memory for a number of years, however I was hoping I might be able to
wheedle a little help out of them.
Barring that has anybody ever built their 4" 38mm Aerobee or their 4" 38mm
Patriot? If so and you still have the instructions, I'd appreciate it if you
could drop me a line.
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Al Gloer
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I know Andy is pretty big but I wouldn't refer to him as people. b>) Dr Ardvark can be found on eBay selling kits. Andy went underground a few years ago. ....Ed
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Ed Rowe
The folks behind Aardvark had a differing of opinion and parted ways; Blackhawk R&D was just one of those inviduals.
No clue where to find Andy, though.
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Kevin Trojanowski
I have the instructions for the Blackhawk Patriot in the 2.5", 24mm version. The dimensions and the templates would be wrong, obviously. If you think any of the rest (there's not much) would be useful, I could scan it for you.
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Scott Schuckert

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