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I am looking to buy a model rocket by Hi Impulse; the Phantom 4000 is no longer being produced and the one I had is no longer. This one will be used to convince the PTA at school not to make cuts in our program. Can someone help me.



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Irving Crespo
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These turn up every so often on ROL auctions and eBay.

Some hobby shops may even still have one if you search.

By the way, the one you describe is "NCR by Estes". Originally an NCR kit, then NCR was bought by Estes.

Good Luck !

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Steve Decker

If educating your PTA is your goal, it should't make any difference what you use - pick something in production. If you just want a Phantom

4000 for your own reasons, (and are using the PTA as an excuse to ask for a "donation") I can help you - but at a price.
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Scott Schuckert

It's an Interceptor G

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Reece Talley

I can't think of a better demo rocket than the Estes Maxi-Alpha 3. Similar looking to a Phantom 4000.

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Joe Michel

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J.A. Michel

I happened to see one at my LHS just two days ago - don't know what it's priced at, full retail would be my guess. Let me know if you want it and we can make arrangements.

George gtball at yahoo dot com

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George Ball

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