POLL: Best Dual Deployment under $100.00

Okay Rocketeers...what's your suggestion for the best dual deployment controller under $100.00? Transolve? Perfectflite? Others?


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Quilly Mammoth
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I really like the Transolve P6K. I have two of them. In fact, I soldered one together in the hotel room one night at a launch. Simple and reliable.

I have an older model Perfectflight, too. It's good. I normally just use it for recording because I haven't found a way to fasten it in my larger rockets for dual deployment use. There are several using them at our launches with good results.

-- Eric Benner TRA # 8975 L2 NAR # 79398

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Eric Benner

Without a doubt, Missile Works is the way to go. Best under $200 is the G Whiz MC.

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Stephen Corban

I'd have to vote for the perfectfilite minialt/wd myself.


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Art Upton

Missile Works RRC2 for 90 bucks is hard to beat.

-- Joe Michel NAR 82797 L1

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J.A. Michel

I've used Transolve P6K, missile works RRC2X, and PerfectFlite MAWD. All work flawlessly, but the P6K is cheapest so I tend to buy the most of those.

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I second that! Mine has about 20+ flights on it, with no such problems.


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PerfectFlite MAWD, with the MissileWorks RRC2 in a close second.

The PerfectFlite wins because of its compact size. Both are great products, backed by great people.

I've had very positive experiences in dealing with both the products and the manufacturers.


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Kevin Trojanowski

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