pre-historical question: 1991

OK, so from all I've heard, even though TMT "performance testing"
activities date back to the mid 1980's, it was around 1991 or so
that TRA first actively proposed to use an "approved motor list"
and limit launch activities to motors from that list (though this
wasn't in effective force until some years later).
Now as far as I can tell, as of 1991 this was before all the
weirdness, the long-term personality conflicts, the regulatory
FUD, all of the "history" (whose sizzling shrapnel we still
encounter years later). TRA hadn't even (AFAICT) started treating
Jerry like some sort of outcast yet - he was one of the first suppliers
to have his motors listed IIRC; the "great falling-out" seems to have
come along a bit later.
Even NFPA-1127 - with its attempt to put a face of "proper consumer
rocketry"-type legitimacy on a facet of the hobby that had been
started as an explicit escape from the limits of "proper consumer
rocketry" - was yet to come, as was TRA's attempt to adopt a public
image of "just like NAR except with bigger rockets".
So why was such a list being proposed as of 1991? Presumably
the existence of an "approved motor list" would imply the
existence of other motors, not-approved: otherwise it simply
becomes an exercise in listing every known motor type. (At which
point, why bother - just say "run what you brung" and publish motor
lists/tests/reviews, perhaps, as an information service - give Bruce
lots of pretty graphs with which to fill up the pages of HPR magazine,
if nothing else...)
So what motors, back then, was TRA expecting to want to keep _out_?
-dave w
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David Weinshenker
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The Powertech debacle occured 8-91 (filing) and events preceeding the President was directly involved in.
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Jerry Irvine
Same as today: Untested motors of unproven performance.
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Or pre-dated motors....
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Was there even a date-stamping requirement as of 1991?
-dave w
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David Weinshenker
Then why do they certify motors that have NOT been tested and decertify motors that HAVE been tested?
And don't even say they don't do that because they do.
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Jerry Irvine
Jerry, Who is "they"? TRA or NAR or both?
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Dave Grayvis
Cite please.
What motors.
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Geoff Huber
I was not specific as to the list because it has been rehashed here many times. Fetch.
Suffice to say many motors that were NOT tested WERE certified by TRA and subsequently listed by NAR, and, many motors decertified arbitrarily by TRA were also delisted (but only in some cases) by NAR.
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Jerry Irvine

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