Press Release Service Policy Modification

Rocketry Planet offers a FREE press release service for companies that
have hobby rocketry products and services. (Info:
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This purpose of
this notice is to describe a modification to the service offering.
The Press Release Service is meant to help hobby rocketry product and
service providers increase profitability and boost sales by getting
their announcements out to as many hobby rocketeers as possible. It
does this by:
1. Posting the press release to the Rocketry Planet Newdesk's Press
Release section for viewing by visitors to the site.
2. Posting the press release to the Rocketry Planet Newswire, which
is distributed via email to all subscribers of the service.
3. Posting the press release to the Rocketry Planet RSS Newsfeeds,
which makes the press release viewable to all who have configured
their newsreaders for Rocketry Planet RSS Newsfeeds.
4. Posting the press release to UseNET's rec.models.rockets Newsgroup
for distribution to NNTP news servers worldwide.
5. Posting to select hobby rocketry Web-based discussion forums for
viewing by visitors to those systems.
As of the posting of this Service Policy Modification, Rocketry Planet
will no longer make press release postings on The Rocketry Forum
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. The operators of that system have stated:
"[W]e would ask that you refrain from posting any reports from Planet
News posts in TRF in the future as they have been redundant,
contraversial[sic] and/or political in nature."
As such, we will no longer be extending our service to include TRF, even
by special request. Visitors to sites who have requested not to be
included in the distribution of press releases will have to find other
means of staying up to date on the latest industry news. It appears the
TRA/NAR lawsuit and the ATFE is too controversial or political for safe
consumption by visitors there.
No other web site reaches as many diverse points of distribution as the
Rocketry Planet Press Release Service. If you would like to subscribe
to the Rocketry Planet Newswire email distribution list, instructions
are located at:
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