Wickman? Has NOT anything Good=Just Like the REST of Them.........

Just like..........................
Typing letters do not help.
I guess it is time for REAL rocket people to prevail.
Sorry izzy, this is crap. We have a paranoid Government.
KMJK Rocket on!
No BS from NAR-TRA-ARSA- JERRYBS or ANY!, make my stand for freedom which
has been "forgotten."
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Karl M.J. Kowert
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Hey nobody agrees more than I do but if NAR and TRA won't even take a stand on 55.141-1-8 which is so clear even their attorneys agree it is currently valid, who will? When? Where?
It is obviously up to somebody else. Somebody with both brains and balls.
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Jerry Irvine
AND that person being?
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Karl Martin Joseph Kowert
Have been, and I am getting bored with all the BS. -- KMJK
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Karl Martin Joseph Kowert

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