1:240 (approx) scale figures, accessories, etc?

I'm building a model of a park for an architecture class using an
engineering scale of 1"=20', which, if my math is correct, works out
to approximately 1:240 scale. I was hoping I could use some N scale
train stuff for it, but that's about 1:160 scale. Can anyone suggest
anything closer to my scale? It doesn't have to be precise, just close
enough to look about right. And I'm a bit pressed for time, so if you
know of specific manufacturers or on-line retailers that would help a
lot. Thanks.
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Märklin makes 'Z' scale trains which I think are 1/220th scale. There may be figures and vehicles available but I am not sure. I recommend checking with Walthers.com.
Bill Banaszak, MFE Sr.
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A six foot man in 1:240 would only stand three tenths of an inch tall. Z gauge is your closes bet as was mentioned, but man thats small!
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You can get them pre-painted though:
formatting link
a whole pile of them unpainted.http://www.reynaulds.com/preiser/p_z_figures.asp?item=lngNumericSort Pat
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Pat Flannery

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