1/72 RC-135V:Instructions Needed

Hi All,
I was wondering if anyone could direct me to where I might find a set of
instructions for this model. The model is the AMT 1/72 RC-135V with the
long nose. I have tried the Racing Champions website with no success.
Does anyone know of a website where the instructions might have been
scanned? Would any of you who have the kit be willing to copy or scan the
instructions for me? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for you time.
John S.
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John Stewart
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John Stewart wrote in news:Xns97F955ECD42Djwstewart3112yahooco@
My thanks to Zack Dillion, Lee Coll, and Tiscali for their help with this. Mr. Dillion was kind enough to scan the plans and send them my way. Nice to see the big grin on the twelve year old's face when he saw them. He and the model headed off down the street to get started aout 2 hours ago.
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John Stewart

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