1/72 Sopwith Triplanes?

I have an old 1/72 Revell Sopwith Triplane and I was wondering if
anyone currently makes a newer, more accurate 1/72 kit of this
aircraft? A casual look around the local hobby shops and web don't
seem to indicated that there is one.
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Nothing new in the Sopwith Triplane field in 1/72. I'm sure that Eduard and/or Roden will eventually come out with some.
BTW, don't bother with the 1/72 Renwal kit. The paper covering was kind of funky and the version without the paper was useless.
Happy modeling,
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Hi Martin,
Just in case your not aware Eduard do the triplane in 48th as a profi-pack and there is a varsion with skis (found on Hannants site)
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There is also a resin one in 1.144th.
Cheers, Stephen.
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Tom - I built that line (most of them anyhow) and I found out that Renwal only made one mistake, and a rather large one at that. Their instructions call for using liquid cement to fix the aeroskin, but that much glue can't help but warp the plastic. I sparingly used some glue to afix the skin and let it dry. Then I used some clear dope that I had on hand to shrink the Aeroskin into place. That Aeroskin is essentially the same thing as the Silkspan that I used in control-line aircraft that I built as a kid. The dope did what it was suppossed to do. It shrunk the paper without attacking the plastic. It really worked beautifully with their pioneer line of aircraft too. After the models were completely diy and cured (maybe a week), I dosed them with some Clear Flat Lacquer to take away the dope's shine and make them look a little more authentic. These kits aren't contest entrants, they were built for me alone, but they were fun. And that's what matters.
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Old Timer
The Renwal Aeroskin kits were, indeed, fun to build. I built all of them including the old timers. The old timers, with excepton of the Avro Triplane and Curtiss Golden Flyer, were Taimei kits. Since they were all so similar I think that the Avro and Curtiss also originated from Taimei, but I don't think that they ever had them in their own packages.
Entex did the Taimei Voisin Farman, Antoinette and 1910 de Haviland, but I don't know if they were Aeroskin. Does anyone have one to check?
Renwal also did a few WWI aircraft in that other scale.
One other company that I am aware of did plastic kits with a glue on skin. Brifaut did an Antoinette and the bizarre Ader Eole with silk skin. The Eole was so complicated (picture a carriage with huge bat wings and a steam engine) that Brifaut included two sets of parts, just in case.
The Frog Bleriot XI is the only other injection molded 1/72 scale old timer that comes immediately to mind. Anyone have others?
Old Timer wrote:
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The Renwal pioneer kits were: Antoinette VII (1909) Bleriot XI (1909) Wright Flyer I (1903) Curtiss Golden Flyer (1909) Avro B (or II) Triplane (1909) Voison Farman (1908) As you said, with the Entex reissue, we also got the deHavilland No.1.
The only other pioneer aircraft that I have been able to built were kit-bashed from existing kits, a Goupy III from some Frog Bleriot XIs (pretty much like the original), a Wright Military Flyer (Model B?) from the Renwal Flyer I, a Morane-Saulnier G from a Revell Eindekker.
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