Airfix F-5 Tiger heritage.

Anyone (but esp Tom??) have any idea of the parentage of the Airfix F-5?
It looks kinda Heller-ish, but I could be wrong. Any and all thoughts
(The Aussie one)
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Both Airfix F-5s (the F-5A and the F-5E) are Airfix molds developed before the merger with Heller.
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Tom G
Tom G wrote in news:1194496030.132780.95410
Thanks Tom.
RobG (The Aussie one)
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Actually, it's the other way around - Heller reboxed the original Airfix F-5E kit.
Anyway, the Italeri Tiger II is the best choice in 1/72nd. The original issue had the standard nose and small LERXs, the more recent 'Swiss Tiger' rebox switched to a sharknose and large LERX configuration.
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Andre van der Hoek
Thank-you all. And yes Andre, the Italeri Tiger is much better than Airfix's effort. I was just wondering, that''s all.
RobG (Tha Aussie one)
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IIRC, the original Airfix rendition included Imperial Iranian markings. Definitely different.
Bill Banaszak, MFE Sr.
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