anyone build 200mm busts ?

200mm is around 8 inches. anyone know how this works with this
kind of figure on a pedestal?
trying to get an idea as to how tall the figure would be, but I think
I am approaching the math with this wrong.
hoping the face would be 1.5-2 inches long...
help out this math impaired geezer please..
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Taking measurements from my computer screen
bottom of base to top of hair = 157mm bottom of chin (excluding beard) to top of head (excluding hair) = 41mm
Now assuming that the full size of 200mm is measure from bottom of base to top of the hair then
157mm equates to 200mm
41mm equates to 52mm
This would make the head from bottom of chin (excluding beard) to top of head (excluding hair) about 52mm
or in imperial - 2 inches.
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