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I have a old slant back display that I'm cleaning up. Sanding, painting, cleaning the glass, etc. it has a built in flourescent light for illumination.

This thing is old. I mean OLD. I had to have glass shelves made. When we moved from VA to KY it survived except for the top glass piece which I replaced.

Anyway, the light has an insert for a translucent sheet with advertising on it. It says "Genuine Jewelite by pro.phy.lac.tic" put that in your browser and search on it. I thought it was the name of the light fixture or the display case maker, nope, hair brushes. Apparently a replacable insert depending on the displayed product.

Anybody got a clue if these would have any value? I mean the insert, I got it out and will probably replace it with something else. Don't want to have to explain pro.phy.lac.tic especially since I only know one defintion. 8) And I'm on kind of a tear anout not keeping stuff we don't actually need.

Maybe I'll put in on ebay and find out if I have a Holy Grail item!

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On Jan 26, 4:16=C2=A0am, Gray Ghost wrote: Don't want to have to

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=E2=80=82/=CB=8Cpro=CA=8Af=C9=99=CB=88l=C3=A6kt=C9=AAk, =CB=8Cpr= =C9=92f=C9=99-/ Show Spelled[proh-fuh-lak-tik, prof-uh-] Show IPA =E2=80=93adjective

  1. defending or protecting from disease or infection, as a drug.
  2. preventive or protective. =E2=80=93noun
  3. Medicine/Medical . a prophylactic medicine or measure.
  4. a preventive.
  5. a device, usually a rubber sheath, used to prevent conception or venereal infection; condom.

and from wiki: Pro-Phy-Lac-Tic Brush Company was a health care business established in 1866. Makers of a highly advertised Pro-phy-lac-tic toothbrush[1], it was acquired by the Lambert Pharmaceutical Co. on February 19, 1930. [2] Based in Florence, Massachusetts, the firm was first called the Florence Manufacturing Company. Its name was changed on September 15, [3] 1924.[1] From 1887 - 1924 the corporation paid a regular dividend on its common stock.[3]

During World War II the company manufactured dummy plastic bayonets for the USN Mk 1 Dummy Training Rifle for the U.S. Navy.[4]

I think it's safe to assume these brushes handle the hair on your top deck...maybe American Pickers will be interested in the sign.

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I'm snowed in and bored today.

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eyeball wrote the following:


When I was a kid living in the Bronx, NY, in the late 40s, I had belonged to the NY Nautical Cadets. It was like the Boy Scouts, but we wore navy uniforms and marched and trained with the dummy 1903 Springfield rifle and bayonet. The bayonet had a black plastic blade. Even though plastic, it could kill or injure because of the hardness of the plastic. It did not bend.

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...try American Pickers.

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