Dragon German AA Halftrack

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Is this another one of Dragon's "Luft 46" style kit - where maybe one
or two of the subject was made or just sketched on a piece paper.....
or are they trying to broaden the types of subjects actually used in
the war. As I have around 30 minutes a month to model, I'd like
to build something that was used in the war......
thx for any info - Craig
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Off the top of my head I can think of two sets of photos showing these captured/KO'd by US troops, plus one or two KO'd in the east, so I'd say it was "used" in the war, as minimum.
Heck, the 12.8cm Alkett (?) TD was "used" as well, and they only made three of them. . .
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Kurt Laughlin
Kurt's right. The vehicle came out in 1944, originally with 15mm cannon which were considered too whimpy. Thankfully the 20mm barrels were interchangeable so they were upgraded.
Nasty weapon, had a rate of fire of something like 4500 rpm so a real meat chopper!
Cookie Sewell
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Was that Dicker Max?
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yes - Trumpeter announced it for march. "00350 German 12.8cm Tank Destroyer L/61 Sturer Emil Selbstfahrlafette"
btw - only two were ever built. both were sent to the eastern front and both were destroyed/captured by the russians. one example survived the war war and is now exhibited at Kubinka ...
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Fairly good write up with some detail. "Many" apparently saw alot of action in 44-45 as the Krauts were getting their ass kicked everywhere in that period and if it had guns they were using them.
The above says the guns had -10 degrees elevation but another mentions that the guns had no depression. Maybe early ones didn't, maybe later ones did?
From the article, although it might have been the original intention to use em as AA, the war situation put them in action against ground troops also.
I am completely guessing here, but I am figuring initially intended for the Russian front but with the invasion and now expanding range of ground attack aircraft in the west, they might have been more prevalent. A mention is made of the US examination of a couple knocked out , stating they were primarily used in ground action, but that of course might have been due to the war situation.
All in all, you have something that appears to actually used in moderate numbers in the time period in question.
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old hoodoo

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