Ebay Auction Alert: clarification

Apparently there has been some confusion around an auction that I put
up for Emil Minerich of Skyway Model Shop.
Very Rare Monogram USAF Airpower set: 18 kits
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Both Emil and I have been emailed regarding the 18 kits because people
are thinking it is a lot that Emil put together. It's not; it's a set
of 18 model kits that are in identical scale (1:240, if I recall
correctly) that Monogram produced and packaged in the early 1960's.
Similarly, the USAF Missile Arsenal set was produced by Monogram as a
set in one box, not a lot put together by the seller.
Sorry for any confusion out there.
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Stephen Tontoni
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It probably would have been less confusing if you had just said that it contained 18 different aircraft models, leaving out the word 'kits'.
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Al Superczynski
It's quite a collector's item, I guess. Not my cup of tea, personally, although I do think it's pretty cool. I'd do something really stupid like applying glue to it!
In any case, this evening I added to the description in the hopes of clarifying any lingering confusion. Also, in the XSL-01 Manned Spaceship from Revell, I uploaded several pictures to a remote site and have that URL in the Ebay description now. There's been a ton of interest around that one as well.
People really get into more descriptions and more pictures when the price of the item gets up there. It's been a learning process.
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Stephen Tontoni
I don't understand people who collect unassembled models. It seems like owning a complete vintage Spitfire and keeping it in bits in the garage.
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well, i collect coins and i sure ain't putting a bust half in the soda machine. i understand the collector mentality, but i build what i buy.
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In some cases it's like mailing a letter with a rare stamp.
The difference is that most collectors are modelers who build at least some of kits that they obtain. I'm one of those.
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