Experience with Central Pneumatic Airbrush

Hello, I'm in search of infomation related to a Central Pneumatic
single action airbrush kit that someone gave me, along with a Pasche
(sp?) air can. My problem is that the aircan regulator supplied with
the kit will not thread all the way onto the air can - only goes about
1 turn then stops. I've tried other makers' cans and none of the
threads will match up. I've even gone to the
Harbour Freight store to see if a brand new regulator (from the same
kind of airbrush kit) would work. Nope! Does anyone know if I need
to buy a special air can, or some sort of adapter?
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I cannot speak for sure since I bought the compressor adapter and do not use aircans. Since I firmly believe this is a badger knock off have you tried to use a can of Badger Propel instead of Paasche? The adapter probably is threaded for Badger Cans. Cheers, Max Bryant
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Max Bryant
Shitcan it. That's all you need to know. Kim M
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Whatever you do, don't spend a lot of money trying to get the brush up and running. The Central Pneumatic brush has a lifespan measured in days with no hope of finding replacement parts. If you can get it running cheaply, fine. However, divert any large sums of money you plan on spending into a decent brush.
jtclark wrote:
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I would just get another air can valve adapter, they are cheap.
the one you might have, might be a special one or messed up, I have 2 I don't use, one badger and knock off,
if you want them , just pay for the postage
take care
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Thanks for replying George. Actually, I tried that route also. Of course the new air can valve adapter fit the air can, but (believe it or not) the hose from the airbrush wouldn't thread onto the new adapter.
I'm beginning to think this is a lost cause. Oh well, it was a freebie.
Thanks again.
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