Flat base and wash problem

I used tamiya flat base to turn my gloss ping into flat pink - worked
(both Tamiya)
Then I washed the model in black - and the paint turned glossy :(
Can I use flat base somehow to restore flatness? I tried painting it but
this dries white.
Maybe strongly diluted flat base?
Or should I but something else - can anyone recommend a paint that can be
easily painted over to increase flatness?
It cannot be Testors/Gunze/Polly - i havent seen those in Polish e-shops, at
least not in those I buy paints.
So it can be Pactra/Humbrol/Vallejo/Tamiya.
I have someting called matte varnish from Vallejo - but it is difficult in
use. One have to paint in very quickly and touch area only once - it is very
inconvienient. I already made one model looking ugly after painting it with
this varnis.
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Flat base cannot be painted on its own. Mix it with some Tamiya gloss and try painting with that.
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Ok thanks, I will try that.
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Flat base is supposed to be added to gloss paints to make them flat. I got these mixes from some other person sometime ago.
(10) Ten parts Tamiya clear to (1) one part flat base for a flat finish. (15) Fifteem parts Tamiya clear to (1) One part flat base for a semi gloss.
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