Tamiya Flat Base Question

Okay, I'm stumped. What da heck is this stuff used for?

I built a 1/27nd scale F-4U Corsair and finished very well, finally got around to putting the decals on it and am unable to find Testors flat/dull cote here in Korea. I did, however, find Tamiya flat base in a bottle. This stuff looks and smells exactly like the PollyS flat base that I used to use aeons ago on decals so that they wouldn't have a shine.

Made everything a beautiful flat white!

I was able to lightly use my fingers/thumbs and a paint brush with water to get the stuff off. The decals are still glossy though.

So, what in Korea do I use to make them flat, and more im- portantly, what is Taiya flat base used for? Airbrushing only, mixing with gloss paints, or what?



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Drew Hill
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1:10 for a satin finish, 2:10 or 3:10 for flat.
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Serge D. Grun

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