Help needed - Sheet Styrene

Hi all. I am in need of a small piece of .020" sheet styrene,
preferably .080" grooved but not necessary, for a project. I only
need a piece about 1" (2.5cm) square.
As I do not scratchbuild I do not have a supply of sheet goods, nor do
I have any need for an entire sheet. I am willing to pay any
necessary postage.
Please e-mail me privately if you can help.
Thanks in advance
M. J. Rudy OR
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M. J. Rudy
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Hi M.J.
Buy the whole sheet, for anybody to sent you the itsy bitsy piece of plastic the cost is going to be close, if not the same or more as the entire sheet. And trust me, you'll find use for the rest of the sheet in the future.
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Kitt Walker
i agree a sheet costs me less than eq of a buck
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