Hobby Lobby 50% Off Model Sale this Week (Aug. 11- 16)

Hobby Lobby is having another 50% Off Model Sale this week. I've
gotten some great bargains in the past during these sales. I didn't
find a whole lot this time but I did see they got in some of the new
Academy 1/32 F/A-18C Hornet Kits. What a great deal at 50% off! Also
had a few of the newer AMtech Kits (Hs-123 & a couple of different
Ju-88's). In the past I've bought Fine Molds and Fujimi Kits there but
didn't see any this time. It always seems to vary greatly from store
to store.
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and those of us not in the corn belt aren't included.
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Ya'll's failure to live in a blessed area is not OUR fault :) Be nice and maybe that 1/350 Arizona for under $20 or a new Revell Sboat for less than $10, or 1/2 price Tamiya armor kit might be sent to you by a kind hearted helper . Maybe even a Minicraft 1/350 Titanic master kit could be yours for cheap. Even better, make some friends with someone who lives near one and the next time they or you visit, you get a bonus prize! although the sales tax paid is very painful.
p.s. Anyone know anything about the Kungnam 1:400 Bismarck or the 1:350 Bismarck boxed by another Chinese company I can't think of off the top of my head? Are they old or new kits? They were very inexpensive :).
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Been wondering the same myself. I think the 1/350 Bismarck is by MiniHobbies or something like that. Pretty impressive sized box for reg price $39.99, sale @ 50% off $20.
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I got a Kangnam Bismarck at their last sale. It looks pretty good (although I don't know how it compares to the Heller kit in the same scale), and I'm thinking of building it using the Tom's Modelworks PE detailing set. I don't have the MiniHobbyModels Bismarck, but I do have their King George V and if that's any indication of MHM quality I would definitely get it if I didn't already have the Kangnam.
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Edwin Ross Quantrall
It would have a long way to go to match the pain of 17.5% VAT.
Scott G. Welch
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Are you kidding? 17.5% VAT is a dream! In Poland we pay 22%...
-- Regards, Pawel
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Aaahhh, Socialism! Isn't it great!
Bill Shuey
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William H. Shuey
And in return for paying all those taxes we get to "enjoy" the cold, spiky feeling of knowing that the money is used for such things as welfare checks and legal expenses for mullah Krekar, former(?) leader of the militant islamic group Ansar al-Islam, and currently enjoying sweet life as a "political refugee" here in Norway. :-/
You may have heard George W. Bush, Donald Rumsfield or Colin Powell mention his name, and that of his group, along with other key words such as "chemical weapons", "terrorist group", and "al-Qa'eydah" ...
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John Magne Stubsveen
What's their price on this one?
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I believe it was $109.95! Someone correct me if I'm wrong.
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One of the few incentives we have to keep living here!
When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward. --Leonardo Da Vinci It's better to teach a child what you know than what you think.
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Disco -- FlyNavy

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