How do I Mask Off & Paint the Canopy for my Ju-52

Someone please help me with doing this. It seems terribly complicated to Mask it Off and then Paint it. What should I glue the Two halves together with and then How and Where do I start to Mask it and then to Paint it. I really do want it to LooK Good when it's all said and done.

Also is there any kind of "Clear" Liquid which can be used for the side windows for the Kit and not use the window strips that come packaged with the Model itself.

Thanks very much .............

... Carl ........

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I could have sworn someone made precut masks for the Ju-52 but a quick search of online shops found nothing. Eduard makes precut masking stripes, although Tamiya masking tape is easy to cut and is of very high quality. You might try painting some decal sheet, cutting it into strips and applying over the frames. Paint it RLM 02 first for the interior, then paint over the 02 with 71/72. You can also try a thin foil which is applied over the entire clear part, then cut around the frames with a sharp blade. Finally you could use a liquid mask such as Microscale Micro Mask or Gunze Sangyo Mr. Masking Sol.

To fill in the window openings try Microscale Decals MS09 Micro Kristal Kleer.

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To glue it together.use .PVA wood working glue, it dries clear.All the other probs are just something that u will have to work out the method that works for U. I have seen numerous ..........but u will find one that works for u ........................eventually, best of luck


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