Italeri Kubelwagen

I have been picking up the new Italeri 1/72 vehicles as they become
available. I'm careful to avoid the kits that are repops of the ESCI
orginals unless I missed them first time around.
Very pleased with the DUKW and the M8. Yesterday I picked up the
Kubelwagen. I figured that it was a safe buy at $12 with two complete
kits included. ESCI never did a Kubelwagen in 1/72 and the only time
Italeri did one was with their Gotha Go 242/244.
So I was a bit surprsed and a tiny bit annoyed to find two of the
decades-old Kubelwagens from the Gotha in the box. At least that's what
they appear to be.
I'll dig the Gotha kit out of the stack if I have to, but has anyone on
RMS seen the kit? Comments?
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