Ju 87 Stuka markings

Hi all,
Does any of you have an guide to when and how the Stuka carried underwing
letters? My collection of pictures and books doesn't give a clear idea.
Some have no letters under the wing, some have the full four caracters
identical to those on their sides, some have only one letter (Aircraft
individual letter I guess as the third often in different colour) and some
even have what seems to be the stamm kennsigen from the factory and a
different code on the fuselage.
I am building a Ju-87 C-0 preproduction plane in 1:32 and decal from the kit
(Revell Ju 87 B-2) includes both the right Geswader codes and insignia for
the carrier group that became a regular geswader when Graf Zeppelin was
My best gues is that it should have the third letter from the fuselage
repeted in black under both wings.
Claus Gustafsen
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Claus Gustafsen
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