Looking for an A-4F from VA-113 Stingers photograph

I am trying (unsuccessfully so far) to find a photograph of a VA-113
Stingers A-4F that served on the USS Enterprise/CVW-9 in 1968. I'm
doing a Fujimi 1/72 A-4F with Microscale decals (sheet #72-401) and I
would really love a photo of the A-4F that is on this decal sheet.
I'd especially love a photo of Bu No. 154213/modex 312 in VA-113
markings, but any VA-113 A-4F from the Enterprise would be fine. I've
done countless google searches, but have come up with zilch (lots of
A-4C photos for VA-113, but no Fs). Just wondering if anyone has any
pointers on where to search and/or who I could contact. Thank you!
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