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So I went in today to cruise one of our three stores a little & spied
the large QMII on clearance & snagged it for $32, still factory sealed &
not crushed. Regular price was $90. I think I may light it up a little
with fiber optic cable so it looks nice at night.
Grandpa John
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John DeBoo
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Nice kit. Lighting it up is a great idea.
It looks like all the Hobby Lobby stores are reducing their model section by about 25%. In the long run that's bad news. They did a major clearance in the half dozen shops in our area too.
I picked up the Revell / Monogram Big Deuce for $20 and several other kits that I intend to break down for parts and use for paint testing for very cheap ( 3 and 4 bucks each).
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Count DeMoney
We've three stores and I went by two of them today. Neither seem to be reducing inventory in the modeling section as far as I can see. There are a lot of the DC4's & DC5's on clearance, but I think someone over stocked them when they purchased for the store. I saw a couple car kits, plus the one QMII I snagged but that's it. Sure hope they keep what they have. I enjoy 2-3 long aisles of models to choose from. Grandpa John
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John DeBoo
Every time they get a new stock book they start pulling off the 'old' stock. A lot of the time old stock and new are just same kit, just new numbers. Some stores start at 30% and mark down another 30% or so in 60-90 days. Some stores have been a bit more pro (modeler) active and start marking at 50%; dropping every 30 days.
When AMT hit the auction block, our local HL pulled every AMT/JL kit and put them in 30% off endcaps right off the bat. Shame for them-good for the modeler but I know of one brick-n-mortar that is still getting stock straight from AMT. And who knows how long Tower, Stevens and the rest will have on hand or be able to get new stock, not counting Dave's list.
On another side, Odd/Big Lotts came into a very good supply of recent and new AMT releases at $5 each.
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chuck ryan
I should check the local Ollie's. It's been fairly sparse in there for kits but they may have gotten some.
Bill Banaszak, MFE Sr.
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