Nairana - British Escort Carrier

I am searching for a model of the 'Nairana' a WW2 British Escort
Carrier that then became HrMS Karel Doorman I (Netherlands) then the
merchant ship 'Port Victor'
The only clues I have found are
1/1250 SCALE – HAI Models from Austria.
14. No.297 British Escort Carrier Nairana (WW 2)
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but an am unable to find away to buy the model or any others of this
Any help appreciated
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No.50/1 in the list.
"Llie n'vanima ar' lle atara lanneina - auta miqula orqur!!"
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When I saw your post, I was thinking that the Nairana was a member of one of the large classes of Escort Carriers operated by the USN and RN during WW2. Unfortunatel, I found that Nairana was one of the early escort carriers, converted from a merchant hull.
There were two ships in the Nairana class, Nairana and Vindex. Both were converted from fast refrigeration cargo ships into escort carriers.
Because of this, it is very unlikely you'll find a model of either Nairana or Vindex. The closest you'll probably be able to get is a model of a Bogue or Attacker class ship, which would require some scratchbuilding to convert to Nairana. (Bogue is 496 feet long, while Nairana was 528 LOA.)
Good luck,
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RC Boater

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