New Contest Themes - Seeking Suggestions

Like most contests I've been to, our local contest has always had a
theme. In the past we have used anniversaries of events, countries,
colors, and we even had a Halloween/monster theme. The best themes seem
to transcend the majority of model genres and bring out the most
participants with well thought out or unusual subjects. Themes that are
too specific leave out a lot of modelers. For instance, military/war
themes often leave out automobile and other civilian categories and vice
versa. On the other hand, generic themes such as "the Fifties" seem too
broad to really bring out interesting subjects. People seem to just
pull out a couple of long built kits which just happen to fit the
category. I would like to find a few good themes which cross all
categories, or at least give a builder a fair shot at the theme
regardless of his or her modeling interests.
Our next show is set for November '09 and we are in the process of
finalizing its details. My request of this group is to solicit unusual
or interesting, if not new, themes for our show other than the same old
topics we all run into each year. Fun, serious, odd, doesn't matter (we
do run a family friendly show, so we do want to keep it clean), just one
that will peak the building interests of a broad range of modelers and
encourage participation in the show.
I know if this group can't do it, fat chance our little club could...
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Kaliste Saloom
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When I was a member of IPMS/Tampa I used to brainstorm themes for monthly meets. Haven't done it for shows, but for one show, when I belonged to IPMS/Secret City, the theme was "It's a Secret". (I built a model that qualified because I used part of a Secret deodorant pack as a component!)
Quickest idea to come to mind... * Eleven/Nine : Anything having to do with the number eleven or the number nine. Of course, tributes to 9/11 would be included in this theme.
Stephen "FPilot" Bierce/IPMS #35922
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Stephen Bierce
How about one that we've played here a number of times - things with the same names that are different types of vehicles? I am thinking of various types of Mustangs, Barracudas, F-85s, Jaguars and so forth. All of those and more are both cars and aircraft. HTH!
Bill Banaszak, MFE Sr.
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Our club has had some luck with picking periods. Two recent themes were Golden Age- 1920-1939, and the 50s. Another one we did was Models from the Movies. Lots of genres represented in movies.
Kaliste Saloom wrote:
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Don Stauffer
Our local club has a contest each month and some ideas that could be expanded are; White out..anything painted at least 50% white Adversaries..two things that competed against each other i.e. Mustang/Camaro; F-86/MiG-15 Cat or Animal themes..Wildcat; Mustang, Cheetah Tank etc. European Kits, No Japanese kits.
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Mark M
Steven, MM, Don & Mark
Thanks for your great suggestions! Your responses are examples of what makes RMS such a valuable resource.
Our club is meeting next week and I will definitely bring them to the table. If you or anyone else can think of any more, please send them on, too.
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Kaliste Saloom
do all the models in grey scales, like you would see the original subject in a black and white movie...
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I've long thought a "birds of a feather" theme would be interesting - only models with bird-related markings allowed (ie. A-4E in VA-22 Red Hawks markings, Pontiac Trans Am with bird on hood, etc)
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Pauli G

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