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I seem to be a mark for a new Web scam. Some guy in England informs me I have won a third tier drawing in some lottery and can collect a wad of money. Of course, I should not reply to him but contact some "Agent". Is this a scam to try to get a bank account number or something more devious?? Between the complex e-mail spam from china that has a thousand graphics attached and takes for ever to download and blocks up my mail for like an hour and the jerks from South Africa or Nigeria wanting my help in a "strictly confidential" money laundering scheme the net smells worse and worse. And then there are the extremely immature potty mouthed cross posters we are being troubled with. What the hell did "e" do to draw the attention of these sociopaths?

Bill Shuey

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William H. Shuey
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Al Superczynski

"E" did nothing special, Bill. They're all around us, all the time. We just don't notice. Unless of course we're driving.

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Charles Fox

The lottery scam comes from all over Europe and on occasion from South Africa.

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Just send me your bank account and social security numbers and I'll fix the problem. ;-)

John Hairell (

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John Hairell

i refused to kiss ass and declare them a force to be feared or respected. these are some very sad sociopaths, one was a spurned bimbo i tried to teach... go figure. their purpose is to destroy usenet and make the world the pile of crap their lives are. best thing is still killfile. whatever you do, don't respond. they think outing someone is high art. it is, of course, and admission you are powerless and can do nothing else. they are stalkers, liars, forgers and criminals. and proud. but they are not very good. one trick ponies. kill file friends. if you need a good filter, email me.

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The lottery scam s almost a hundred years old and still taking folks in on a regular basis.

It's not limited to Europe, England and South Africa. In this country it's often traced to the "Travelers" criminal ring.


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My feeling on it? If you're greedy enough and stupid enough to believe it, you probably deserve everything you don't get. 'There is no substitute for hard work.' 'There are no free lunches.' Two old sayings that are so very accurate.


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Rob Grinberg

It won't solve the problem, but for a hoot, check out the ebolamonkeyman (

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) for revenge on the 'nigerian oil magnate' scammers.

Lotsa good laughs there.

Mike please remove "diespam" to reply

If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs, perhaps you've misunderstood the situation.

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