New model ship builders first post! Read to see my work!

I am a model ship builder from Duluth MN that is primarily interested
in 17th century warships. Go to the link below to see my site. Im sure
this forum will be helpful.....
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Beautiful work! Just curious what is your background? Machinist/woodworking? Are you a member of the seaways shipmodeling newsgroup? jim in San Diego
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Jim, I am a member of the yahoo group seaways ships in scale if thats what you mean. Thanks for your nice comments!! My background is more in woodworking. My dad builds wooden furniture and I learned a lot from him. He has a plastic model of the Cutty Sark that he built when he was young and that he still has around his house. I guess that kind of inspired me to start building model ships!! Regards, Clayton Johnson Duluth MN jimbol51 wrote:
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