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I use Mixed Media. They are Card Wraps over tube, (as well as some Resin parts), I build them to the customer spec.. Anything you want, (let me know). I am helping build a full size F-100D, (For a fellas yard display, (Alum, over wood frame)). I will have a Saturn V in 1:24th scale done for another guy soon, (It will be displayed on it's side for a retirement party, in June)).
Please revisit, (I have had some upgrades made, and added more models).
Sorry if you think this a spam. I have been a lurker on this group for sometime, (and found this group to be a good resource).
Thank you for your time, (and reviews),
Merry Christmas,
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my problem with you is your prices. you seem to be about 10x higher than comparable vendors. someone tell you we have more money than brains?
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is that one of the east euro guys? they seem to think we're stupid and will pay anything. them rooshans were like that in the early 90's.
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