I was pondering today, and nwonder if anyone here knows if the following
1) A Napoleonic era "74" (ship of the line) in 1/99 scale (or close to
it.) I currently have the Heller Victory and Revell COnstitution at that
scale or very close and, having been hooked by the Hornblower books would
really like to fill in the gap.
2) A "firefly" class ship, as in the Joss Whedon film and TV series. I
have no idea if one was ever licensed, but have not seen ons in the shops
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Carl Dershem
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i saw a firefly but i believe it was a scratchbuild. if i find the url again, i'll hu you here.
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I've found references to two, both garage kits:
formatting link
happy hunting!
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Jack Bohn
Heller offered two versions (different scales) of le Superbe, a 74 of that era. The larger (I think it is 1:150 is a very nice kit. Don't know if it is still in production but I got mine only a couple of years ago, so there must be some still around. They also make 1:600 version.
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Don Stauffer in Minnesota

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