Re: !/87 or so Honest John rocket & truck question, mid - late '60s

> Back in the mid to late '60s, I was into anything space related or
> anything I thought was, like rockets. I remember an adult cousin of
> mine taking me to the local TG & Y store & I got a model kit of what
> I'm sure was an HO scale Honest John rocket & truck carrier. Today, it
> reminds me of a Roco kit, but it was unassembled. It was molded in a
> dark green plastic & I remember the axles giving me a real fit, as I
> was only 5 or 6 or so. I'm sure it went the way of the Aurora LIS Robot
> & Demolition Demon kits that I "built" at the time. I'm pretty sure the
> kit was bagged as well & there were lots of other kits in the pile. Did
> Roco ever make unassembled kits? Does anyone know what I may have > gotten? Thanks.
The kit that I'm thinking of is much larger than a Roco model but Revell
had just that type of truck mounted missile available in the '50s. I
believe the model was to 1/40th scale.
Bill Banaszak, MFE
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Mad Modeller
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wasn't there a renwal/aurora type model too? i know i built the revell and another, side by side the revelle was larger. the other kit was pretty simple, good shapes but not much detail. where's tom m when we need him?
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he good get a free text server. i wonder what the hang is?
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Stuck on AOhell. :(
Bill Banaszak, MFE
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Ferd Berfel
I believe what you're describing is the "Matchbook " series put out by Eldon.The kits were packaged to look like they were in a big matchbook.I guess trying to capitalize on Matchbox' popularity.I had the Honest John,as well,as the Sherman,and a US SPG,and a German half track.I don't know if there any more in the series. Bob McClain
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Robert McClain

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