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carefully cut the following from his sprue and glued it together:
Hello All,
> A lot of folks who build armor subjects mount them on a stained wood plaque for
> displaying. How do you keep your models dust free ? Thanks
> Mangry
Acrylic plastic fish breeding tanks. look in your local aquarium store. They
start around 8x10 inches and seven inches deep. They work on up to bigger
than any diorama base I've ever seen. If I have a visitors round to the
house I can whip the covers off 'em and put 'em back on later. They are
pretty cheap, and are quite clear enough.
The rest of my collection are in cardboard boxes (next to the stack of
unbuilts) and I rotate them every now and then. It saves me some grief from
my wife about dusty models in the work room I can tell you :-)
"Do not quench your inspiration and your imagination. Do not become the
slave of your model" - Vincent Van Gogh
Howard Freeman IPMS(UK) 9169
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Why not rotate your nagasaurus into a cardboard box?
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I hadn't thought of that one :-) If I never post again you'll know it didn't work...
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Howdy Mangry, Have you tried a little compressed air in those cans that you can buy at the computer store? They come with a handy tube that helps control and concentrate the air to just where you want it. As long as you don't have any loose material on your diorama, just blast away and the dust disappears. Happy Dusting Darrick
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I use a clean paintbrush. One that's never been used for painting. It allows me to get into all the hard-to-get places. Usually done over the sink or a bowl of water so some of the dust doesn't escape back into the air.
But yeah, it's a pain in the ass so my models get dusted once in every OTHER blue moon.
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Michael Alvarez
A good coat of Floquil Dust (in their railroad line) goes a long way to preventing this problem -- or at least nobody can tell the difference! (Another good reason to build armor!!!)
Cookie Sewell AMPS
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I've discovered that those cloths that are made for the Swiffer cleaner really grab the dust. I use em on the larger areas such as wings and then hit the tight spots with a soft paintbrush. Makes it a little less of a chore! :) Bill
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