Re: [Q] Funny box art?

One of the 72th Hornet kits has an illustration (painting) of an Aussie Bug over The Rock - possibly Hase or Fujimi? And I think there's another one too - European manufacturer IIRC.

RobG (the Aussie one)

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Rob Grinberg
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I visited the rock quite recently and I was told you may photograph it however you like but the Aboriginal people take it as a mark of disrespect to a sacred site if you photograph it from certain angles... unless you are willing to pay money that is.

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Yeah just like they don't want you to climb it either. Luckily I got to the top a few years ago before all this crap started surfacing, but I doubt whether I will have the pleasure of taking my kids to the top of the rock next year.

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Brian Kucks

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